Macro via web browser hyperlink?


Just a quick question. Is that possible to use inbuilt web browser when hyperlinks could drive macros?

There is no way for the web page, being displayed in the WebBrowser window, to get back into Rhino.

Have you seen RhinoScript’s HtmlBox method?

It’s possible to pass the RhinoScript object to the html dialog box. For an example, see the “ModelessHtmlBox.rvb” and “ModelessHtmlBox.htm” found here:

Is this what you want?

Hello Dale,

I was just thinking about linking Rhino commands with its inbuilt web browser (because creating web sites as an external user interface would be much easier than programming - I just get start with programming - first digs are always hard) via macros, a magical way. It seems it will not work. However the link is also good, thanks, I need it later.


Hello Dale,

Again, last time might be misunderstood each other, So today it came into mind to use batch files (.bat or .vbscript) to probably a possible alternative way for macros or automation. So the idea is working, I implemented an .VBS file which same like a macro but situated outside Rhino. And also there is a website that links to this .vbscript. When I press the button on the site it drives the .VBS and drives Rhino itself. And here immediately, I would like to ask how to care with activeX controls I used Internet Explorer settings to disable the function but still get the message.
And another issue that I have to refresh the site to repeat the command however it is on the other side of the webcode. Could you tell me some idea where to disable activeX for Rhino? This method would be nice to customize UI via html.

You can’t. RhinoScript uses ActiveX, so you wouldn’t want to disable it if you could.

Did you take a look at the sample I reference is my original reply?

Thanks, now is clear. (sorry)

Dale thank you, I tried the scripts however I still have some question about it.
If browser could work as UI it would be possible to make a customized Panel, even for scripts and plugin interface too (Flash UI! :smile:) . And the interface would be totally customazed and mixed with buttons and html capabilities with some extra features (calculation etc, etc).
So the problem is not the ActiveX I was wrong when I said to disable it. Only one issue is with the Warning Message when I refresh the page it is always asked. I tried to swithch of all ActiveX Control in Internet Explorer and in the native IE browser it is working without message but in rhino it is every time asked even the html file is a local file.

However I did not try yet but is the method you provided can also be customized? I mean I would like to code some menu in the html panel which could drive me to another html like a TAB.
eg.: 2D Tools -> 3D Tools. Also what I so like that the webbrowser is built in the UI between the other tools.

(Basically I just want to avoid extra hours learning gui programming that’s why it would be an easier way)

Sure. Its just HTML - to whatever you want.