Macro -- V5 vs V6

I use this macro in V5:

BooleanUnion Sellast MergeAllFaces ShrinkTrimmedSrf

…in V6, it only does the boolean part.

What has changed or how should I write this now?

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@pascal Can you take a look at this? Is this a cross-platform issue?

Works on windows… not on mac… still poking.
Looks like a problem with SelLast.

@jeff_hammond for now use

! BooleanUnion Pause SelNone Sellast MergeAllFaces ShrinkTrimmedSrf

@dan it does work correctly in the latest 6.17 here.



thanks Pascal… this works but only if I don’t pre-select the geometry (but usually, I have the objects pre-selected)

I’ll wait until I get ahold of 6.17 for further testing… (as I have a few macros that work similarly)

Hmm - that worked here where the other one failed… let me check again. .now it does fail with preselect here too on the older build… Yeah, there is more too this, and it is still broken for preselect in the latest.


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Should be out soon™.

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