Macro to print full plywood sheet tiled on A4? Can anyone help me out?


I have a little problem and maybe someone a bit more into writing a macro can help with it.

I recently came across the fabulous free plugin called OpenNest. Works a charm.
Now I can draw my 2D shapes and nest them nicely on a standart plywood plate (1720mm x2520mm). To transfer them without access to a plotter or CNC machine I need to print on an A4 LaserJet.
I plan to do that on transparent paper and have 4 crossmarks and a page number on each page so that I can easily stick the pages together.

Now here comes the request.
Can someone create a macro which prints the complete plywood panel in consequtive A4 pages without needing to set the print area manually every time?

That way you nest the parts, hit print, it prints all pages which you stick onto the plywood with spray glue like Gorilla glue (don’t use it on your hair!).
Than cut out your parts.

Unfortunately I had no luck creating a macro for this myself. Attached a Rhino 7 file with the base setup for this…

Thanks for any help,


Plywood Plate Pattern Printing.3dm (477.3 KB)

That’s the kind of feature that’s common in printer drivers, like Adobe PDF. But as someone who has actually done something kinda like that in the last year…find a sign shop or something with a big printer, or have it cnc’d, aligning 50 pieces of paper is NOT worth it.

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Thanks, but.
Sometimes it is worth it, when you live not close to a big city and need to solve things with what you have on hand locally.

But you are right regarding that some printer drivers may incorporate that. Off to find a suitable printer :wink:

Jim is right.

But if you were able to create a layout from each rectangle, then you could print everything at once with:
2021-02-28 15_57_13-Window

See here:

7 years old post, that plugin seems to have a trial version…

Thank you. Great input.
I would print on a plotter or have it routed if there would be the option to do it locally. I agree it is more efficient. But, sometimes that option is not available due to location.

For anyone WITHOUT router or plotter access here is a file you can use with an A4 printer and a standart 1250x2500 mm plywood plate.
Follow the instructions in file. Its a Rhino 7 file & a Rhino 5 file.
Use it with:

Plywood Plate Pattern Printing Rhino 5.3dm (609.8 KB)
Plywood Plate Pattern Printing Rhino 7.3dm (901.0 KB)