Macro - Switch Layer after EnteringText?

Hi all,

So I’ve used this language in the past (thanks, @pascal) and it’s worked well, but running into a roadblock when I want to have Text and Leader switch layers after entering the text.

_SelNone _Leader _Pause _SelNone _SelLast
_-ChangeLayer “_2D::08 Markup::03 Annotation”

Any ideas? Would help save many, many click throughout my day - and for anyone reading this thread that hasn’t messed with Macros, it’s a really great way to quicken workflow and have your Dimensions, etc, placed in a layer without having to manually set the layer each time!

Hi Alan - this should work:

_SelNone _Leader _MultiPause _SelNone _SelLast
_-ChangeLayer "_2D::08 Markup::03 Annotation"

But I found that the double-quote marks cause it to fail if I copy and paste from here - type those in yourself in MacroEditor to see if it works.


Yeah, can we eliminate the automatic formatting in “curly quotes” on the forum entirely? As far as I can see they really serve no useful purpose… @stevebaer?

I wouldn’t know how to change this. I would guess that this is a core feature to how discourse works.

Thanks all, for jumping in. Will check macro out now and report back

UPDATE: Dig it. Thank you! I’m assuming I can use that language for other actions that have window pop-ups (like Text) and things like certain dimensioning tools with a number of Options - I can skip X-Number of options by just putting in the “_MulitPause” instead of counting options and adding “_Pause _Pause _Pause” etc?

**UPDATE AGAIN - When I try this with swapping out verbiage for _Text, my text remains highlighted after hitting Enter, and I’m left with this in the command line:



Hello - try

_SelNone Text _Pause _Pause _SelNone _SelLast _-ChangeLayer "_2D::08 Markup::03 Annotation"

The multi pause is in there for Leader because we don’t know how many points you’re going to set. In Text, you get two things one point and one typing. It does seem like Leader would maybe want a Pause after the MulltiPause - that is what I tried first actually.


Perfect, and gotcha, thanks so much.

FYI - For anyone trying this at home: Those double “::” in the macro dialogue denotes a SubLayer.

Example - My layer “02 Light” is a SubLayer of “_2D”

Hope that helps someone down the line.