Macro question

Hello I am trying to create a macro that will also work as an alias but am not quite sure how to write it.
I have each part but cant get them to work one

after the other.

I want it to:

-build a plane, 50mm x 50mm on the c plane
-coulour the Plane 127,127,127
-create text 5mm in hieght saying DOMINO PLANE
-colour the text 255,255,255
-Align the text in the centre of the plane

Any ideas??

why not make the part exactly like you want, then simply import it as needed?

you could make a button for import> load your file

seems way simpler than what you are describing.


I would never do it with a macro - if required with a script
and I agree with @theoutside that insert a file is also a good idea.

but well - it is possible with a macro:

_plane 0,0,0 r50,50
-_Properties _object _name "worka" _color _object 127,127,127,0 _enterend
-_Text _height 5 "craftwise" 0,0,0
-_Properties _object _name "workb" _color _object 255,255,255,0 _enterend
-_SelName "worka"
-_SelName "workb"
_align _concentric 25,25
-_SelName "worka"
-_SelName "workb"
-_Properties _object _name "" _enterend
-_group _enter

good point, i didnt think of that. I wonder how quick the import would be. I will give this a try, if it is quick it would be usufull for other things too.


wow thanks, I was way off making this work

If i was to make a button that imports the plane and label, can I place it where i want on the CPlane? or would it need to oriented after?

-_insert _file "/Users/BlaBlaDemo/Desktop/InsertMeFile_00.3dm" _object _pause _enterend

use the macro editor to stepwise develop / adapt the macro.

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cheers mate

solved ?

Yes, solved, this works even better and will be a usfull technique for many opperations.

Thanks for all of your help, much apreciated

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