Macro Line segments with object name

Hi, I would like to create a Polyline/ Line segments with previously defined object name.

I found these lines but no idea how to put together because when I press manually enter the command ends as well as both Lines and Polyline command continuous so do not know how to say to Rhino to finish the lines and start naming the objects.

_SetObjectName “tempObjectsToMove”

_Properties _Pause _Object _Name
[put your object name here] _Enter _Enter

!_Lines or
!_Polyline or just
!_Line and later will be grouped?

If I understand correctly, you want to create either a line or a polyline, and when finished, you would like to assign an object name that was previously given to some other object, correct? How do you plan on obtaining this object name? Do you want to pick the object? Or is the script support to remember one from some other execution of the script?

Probably need more details, as you can see.

Hi Dale,

thanks for the reply. Well, I am not sure if it is Macro or Script but what I would like to get is an Icon and when I click on it I can draw a polyline which automatically applied with the object name (that is specified in the script) when I finish the command.
So when I finish with the lines it has got already a name, eg. “Wall”. In Grasshopper the Geometry Pipeline can handle this line and automatically can extrude pofiles throught the “Wall” lines according its specific name.