Macro for widget

Hi, I’m trying to build a macro to:

  1. apply a box mapping
  2. rotate the mapping widget (90°)
  3. set dimension mapping xyz (130 cm)
    I made the point 1) but I’m not able to make 2) and 3)
    Please can you help me? Thanx


Hi fabrizio-

In which direction on which axis? It might make more sense to set the size and direction as you make the box for mapping - can you provide a larger context for what you are doing?


Hi Pascal,
I’d like to create buttons with presets that simplify my texture mapping work.
Here is some example

thanks a lot


Have you tried to figure out the macro yourself?
How far did you get?
What didn’t work?

Hi John
here is my macro (probably it is very rough and improvable but for the point 1) seems to work)




But poine 2) and 3)…how to do they?

The key to figuring out a macro, is to type through the command sequence you need it to do.
Use the scripted version of the command so the dialog version of the command is suppressed.
Start the command name with a hyphen, like “-ApplyBoxMapping”
Type your commands and command arguments from the keyboard and write them on a scratch pad.
Pause lets you select something.
Enter is the same a pressing the enter key.
When you complete it successfully from the keyboard, you’ll have your macro written on your scratch pad.

Hi John,
I’m sorry but i don’t understand how to 1. rotate the mapping widget (90°)
2. set dimension mapping xyz (130 cm)

thanks in advance