Macro for Show A

I am setting aliases for Hide A and Show A.
My Hide A macro is “! _-Hide _Pause “A” _Enter”, And the Show A is “! _-Show _Pause “A” _Enter”.
Hide A works fine, Show A doesn’t.
When I do Show A I need to manually enter the name A.
I like to know if there is an automatic way of doing it.

Honeycam 2023-10-21 23-09-58


Hi @Quan_Li ,

Just a guess but perhaps there’s a conflict in that HA exists within the HHA alias as well?

What happens if you test by changing your show macro to SA instead of HHA?

Thank you!
I changed it to other aliases (including SA), but the problem remains, I need to manually input the name “A”.
Honeycam 2023-10-21 23-56-31

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And you tried removing the Pause in the Show alias?

Haha, Thank you very much! It works after removing the command Pause.

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It was a silly guess on my end but I’m glad it worked :grin:

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