Macro for Hiding or locking a layer and input notes

Fell down the Macro rabbit hole. I like it down here!

I have figured out how to use _-ChangeLayer “Layer name here” _Enter to move objects to desired layer and suppress the dialogue box.

I can’t find a way to also tell it to Hide or lock that layer. Lil’ help?

I also am looking for a way to have some prompts of text show up in command line to help me remember what to do next I know I can use “;” to have descriptions in the macro that are notes, but how can I see those notes displayed?

Sometimes my macro will pause for a selection but if I forget where I am in the sequence and select the wrong thing… well, then things happen to the wrong thing! Would be nice to be able to look at command line and have it say “now select the cone section”


Hi -

Use the -Layer command and check its options.

It sounds like you should look into scripting : )
You could throw in a “now select the cone section” at some place in a macro and you’d get Unknown command: "now select the cone section” on the command line, but, depending on where you put that, you might not see it or it could stop the macro.