Macro editor

…doesn’t seem to be present in Mac Rhino… Is it that hard to implement as a panel/stand-alone dialog?

I looked in youtrack/MacRhino for a bug item concerning this (macro, #MacroEditor) but didn’t find anything…

Thanks, --Mitch

Thanks Mitch. It’s missing. It’s not hard to implement as a panel or a stand-alone dialog. I’ve added it to the list: MR-1057

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Thanks Dan! --Mitch

@dan, The MacroEditor is part of the RhinoScript plug-in, which is why it isn’t in MacRhino…

Ahh… :crying_cat_face:

:tired_face: I think I’ll keep it on the list as a form of protest.

Well, isn’t the macro editor really just another sort of command line? It runs whatever you have in there as if you typed/pasted the commands in the command line. The only difference really is that it will run just highlighted portions instead of always running everything in the box.

Can’t this be adapted from the current command line structure without having to go through the Rhinoscript plug-in?


Well, isn’t the macro editor really just another sort of command line?

This is how I thought of it - just a scratch-pad for testing stuff out. So I guess the point is then saving it off in a custom button or in a script that gets filed away…? (I’m presuming so, because that’s how I use it).

Since it’s possible to customize buttons (Preferences > Commands > Customize) and create scripts, I still feel that having the Macro Editor would be useful. I mean, the Command Customization tools already have a script “editor” - if you can call a simple text view an “editor”

but this doesn’t seem to serve the purpose that the Macro Editor does, does it?

that seems like the most helpful bit… if i’m making a longer macro, i have to also have some test aliases in order to try smaller parts of it.

has this been implemented yet? can’t seem to find it in the current build (5.1).


It has not. You can see a full list of differences (along with links to items we are working on) on the Rhino 5 for Windows commands not in Rhino 5 for Mac page.

Thank you for the link!