Macro Editor in Grasshopper

I have a Rhino Macro (command-line style; does this have a name, or name for what it creates?), and want to be able to run the macro I’ve made in Grasshopper. Is this something that’s possible?

It’s for a curve matching to surface edge macro. I don’t know any of the programming languages yet but can script it as a macro alright. Or, does anyone know of a script/components to curve match to a surface edge with tangency AND perp to an edge? It’s to automate the process of keeping ~10 section curves on a dynamic/changing surface edge rail.

Hi - you can’t run a Rhino macro in Grasshopper. You will either have to convert that to a GH definition using standard components or components offered by plug-ins or make this into a Python or C# script in GH.

It’s probably best to send a test case in the form of your Rhino macro and a 3dm file so that someone can have a closer look.

Thanks Wim. What’s the correct syntax for a Rhino macro - is it classed as Rhinoscript or best called a Rhino macro?

Attached. 10 curves, match G1 not perpendicular to the surface edges. This is for an eventual Sweep2. (Yes i could sweep with tangency, but then I would have less control of the sections).

MatchCurvetoSurface.3dm (3.2 MB)

Hi - you can’t run a Rhino macro in Grasshopper.

Actually, you may be able to, or recreate the macro with Lunchbox’s “Rhino Command” component.

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