Macro cannot call out script?

hi, I am setting up a macro to run a script.
basically I have loaded the script from Rhino Option - Script, however when I set a macro "_runscript (script name) it returns me with this message =

may I know why this happens?

basically the script is only a simple one line to import a specific file on my desktop =

rhino.command("-_import C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\MayaSrf.igs")

I wonder what went wrong, anyone knows?

Hi Runnie- Is the name of the file “mayasrfiniges.rvb”?


yes pascal, the name of the script file is “MayaSrfInIges”.rvb (each word starts with uppercase)

may I know what went wrong with my macro setup?

thanks Mr.Pascal

Hi Runnie - Is the script shown as loaded in Options? It looks to me like maybe it is not actually loaded.


I browse the script from Option-Rhinoscript. and it is there already. is it possible to run the script in the command line inside MAcro windows instead?

to be honest I am not very good at this technical stuff. sorry for being very annoying

Hi Runnie- please send the script file and the file to import. This should be quite simple… I’ll see if I can make it work. You can of course use -Import in a macro directly, I am not sure why you are using a RhinoScript…


hi pascal, Ill send the script file tomorrow morning, its almost midnight in my local time and I cant go back to my office to get the script file. ill send it here by tomorrow


hi Mr. Pascal, I have noticed I put the source script in the wrong folders, now it works :stuck_out_tongue: thanks for your awesome help and your support in this forum. I almost see u in every post so you must be helping users alot these days :stuck_out_tongue: awesome buddy, thanks. hope you dont mind if one day I post another stuff asking for help