Macro c/o Pascal

Hi Pascal, hoping this is helpful. You gave me a macro the other day to set object display mode to Ghosted and points on/off. I put it where left button is on and right button is off. Well, right button works fine . Left , not so fine. If I go to edit button , do nothing more than press ok it works that 1 time for left button. Hmmm, FYI cheers,Mark

Mark, can you send me the RUI file that has this button?



RUI (Rhino User Interface) I’m guessing? It is 6.0.16159.13001 6/7/2016 that is the build. I’m not near internet now but later yes.
Oh, the macro works well in V5 --Mark

Hi Mark - the RUI file is the toolbar file - if you’ve added macros and buttons the the default (Default.rui) one, you should SaveAs from Options > Toolbar page > File menu to a different name. The default rui is here:



I re-did the macro and saved as default. Seems ok now . Keep smiling Pascal thanks, Mark