Macro assistant: Export Selected as .STEP file

I want to simplify export operation by assigning macro to keyboard.
I like to export selected BREPs, Surfaces as STEP file to the desktop with incremental numbers as part of the name.

Carhood 1.step
Carhood 2.step
Carhood 3.step

Thank you!

That’s not something that is possible using a macro. You’ll need a script for that.

Is this possible I can do it with Grasshopper Player?
I have no idea where should I connect the Context Bake, because this script doesn’t need it.

It has Wombat plugin.
Export as STEP to (15.9 KB)

What if I don’t need the increment naming?

Something like this will work:

-Export Carhood.stp EnterEnd


Will something like this help? (1.8 KB)