MacRhino Wish List

I’m not finding a centralized wish list for MacRhino, specifically, so maybe this topic is appropriate for folks to add to.

1. Today’s wish is for any kind of ability to get a list of Customized Keyboard Shortcuts as a reference.

Not asking for anything fancy or importable or even compatible with WinRhino (which would be nice)—but simply some kind of text that we can open to use as a reference when working (such as Rich Text or Excel?).

The Command Editor works quite nicely; but the problem is that as one’s list of keyboard shortcuts grows—and since we can’t keep this window open for reference—it seems that one has to take numerous screenshots of the list just to have a reference. Add a shortcut, make another screenshot. Then open 10 different images and arrange them to see them. Ugh…

(Pretty, pretty please with sprinkles on top, if this is not too difficult…)



Good idea. I think the post got lost in the shuffle. Adding this feature request to the pile:


Hey Dan…
Any development on this over the past year? I keep checking that grayed out “Export” button with my fingers crossed! :smile:

I just noticed that MR-1065 was marked as “Visible to Developer only.” Oops. This should have been marked as publicly visible. I just marked it as viewable to “All users.” That way, you can track the status of the issue, or make further suggestions.

Any development on this over the past year?

Sorry, no. We have had to make some tough decisions as to what makes it into the initial commercial release and what does not in order to focus and get the product shipped. We are getting really close now. Once Rhino for Mac ships, this is something we will re-evaluate in terms of development priority.

Thanks for making sure this didn’t fall off the radar. We didn’t forget.