MacPro running on Windows 7

In 2009 I bought an early 2009 Mac Pro and installed Windows 7 OS through Bootcamp because several of my programs didn’t run on Apple OS. I am aware this may not be a common arrangement but it has worked spotlessly all these years.

Because the hardware is quite old, it is not compatible with Windows 10.

I am now getting into Rhino and everything works perfectly except for the video display card, NVIDIA GeForce GT120, which will black the current viewport if Rendered mode is selected.

Instability with the viewports was corrected by setting Antialiasing to “None”

I can buy the alternative compatible video card, ATI Radeon HD 4870. My question: Will it be fully compatible with Rhino graphics?

My Windows 10 laptop has no compatibility issues.

I have dedicated these Covid-19 confinement days to learn Rhino, which I had wanted to do earlier but did not find the opportunity. Great software with excellent documentation.

Sorry, you’re kinda on your own for hardware questions.
No one in testing or development builds Mac computers.
That’s one of the reasons people buy Macs in the first place, to avoid those kinds of compatibility issues.

Thank you John,

I am aware my system is kind of “a green dog”. I just was hoping somebody in the community may have run into a similar problem.


Hi, I don’t know about the 4870, but are you sure the Mac Pro cannot be upgraded to Windows 10? I was pleasantly surprised when I upgraded my 2011 Macbook Air to Windows 10 just last week.

I have a Mac Pro 2010 running Win10 just fine via Bootcamp, the install process was not the smoothest, though…

Hello Darby,

The Mac Pros seem to be a different breed of machine. I got in touch with Microsoft and Apple and they both agreed that the early 2009 was not compatible with Windows 10. They both agreed that the 2012 model is compatible. It may be possible to do it but I feel I don’t know enough to make the attempt.

The machine can be upgraded by replacing the processors (8 nuclei), which is a very simple process, but I will wait until I really need to do it.

The successive models of Mac Pro are quite different. For some reason, they have been banned in Europe, although owners can continue to use them. When I bought mine I saw lots of comments about the impossibility of installing Windows, which were wrong.

I will try to reach a full compatibility with Rhino and report if I make any progress.