Macbook recommendations

which notebook do you recommend to work with rhino6?
Are the new macbook air or pro models recommended? I have seen that they have intel GPU

Thank for all!

:thinking: As this question is not new, did you try to search a discussion about it?

:link: Looking into buying a new portable mac for Rhino. Which one is best?

to be fair, that question is not answered very satisfactorily in regards of rhino 6. i had asked questions in other topics trying to find out which graphic cards are now best, since all older versions i tried from the last nvidia up the radeon from 2015 seem not to be supported properly, and run rhino 6 slower than rhino 5. i still dont know if even the best is supported because i have not gotten a sufficient answer myself, i believe there is some bug, but that can only be answered by mc neel stuff.

I did, but I found nothing clarifying.

I know, on one PC I have GTX 1660 and it seems to work perfectly
on another PC I have GTX 1050 and many preferences had to be changed for Rhino6 to use it,

are you looking into using rhino for mac or bootcamp and rhino for windows? thats not clear now… regarding the performance, that is a bit of a different story i guess. simple shaded mode with meshes works faster in rhino 5 than in rhino 6, the difference in rhino 6 is pretty severe depending on which graphic card you use. in rhino 5 all tested graphic cards had excellent performance with the same file. here a topic which describes the issue. unfortunately nobody is interested in responding… or has no response or is just mad at me due to other reasons. the question still remains unanswered…

I need to change my laptop and I was considering buying a macbook and use Rhino6 on it.

I usually use rhino6 on windows on PC, and Rhino5 on windows on my laptop.
I thought that maybe on Mac the visualization/performance was better.

Signed by Mac user.

A few years ago I tried Rhino5 on a Mac and I assure you that the change in the display was huge. For my work this is fundamental.

There is nothing special anymore about this stuff and I have a MBP.