Mac wish list 1% to 100% readout for command progress

Wish: To watch Rhino executing the commands in a similar way to the way one would watch a render progress or have a percentage readout.

While my my machine is churning away, say merging all faces, could the command highlight the faces it’s selecting and merging in sequence until it’s finished so there is a visual context that enables the user to watch what’s going on? Or at least having a 0% - 100% ticker that shows if the machine has hung?

I’m using an early 2011 Macbook pro with 8GB RAM and often choose commands which send it to sleep for short periods… Rhino seems to be very stable, if I wait it often comes back to life having completed the command.

What I have noticed sometimes, is the command hasn’t finished and I can change views or choose different commands from the drop down etc. At this point I can select save but can’t save the file and end up force quitting the program and starting from where I left off.

These sluggish problems are not unexpected, I’m pushing my laptop to its limits.



Doing this will slow everything down (fairly radically) as Rhino has to continually update the display.

This has been requested for a number of commands, the problem is if there’s not a fixed number of items to do/check, it’s not always easy to know how long it’s going to take or what percent complete it is.

IMO, this shouldn’t happen, Rhino shouldn’t give you the impression that you can continue working while a command is still processing. This seems to be more of a problem on the Mac side, Windows generally freezes the display while a command is working. Unfortunately, there is just in general less feedback on the Mac side - so the user is more often left in the dark as to what’s happening.


I agree, it only seems to allow me to access these other commands when it’s failed. If the command is still active I can’t seem to select these things, or at least I haven’t bothered to try as I’m confident it’s working. What I have noticed is at the point I can open/access these other commands the original command has failed, the program has hung and I can’t save it, all i can do it force quite and begin again.

Totally get what you mean about the other points but as an example fi it’s merging faces it knows how many have been selected so it could count down the number of faces until it’s at 1 or unless it fails?


I don’t think the algorithm works that way, it’s almost certainly not linear… it may well be a recursive loop. I suppose it might be possible to provide some sort of a counter, but I am not the programmer…