Mac vs Windows

Is there a place to see the differences between Rhino on Mac and Rhino on Windows? When following the training manual, I sometimes have a hard time finding the correct functions on my Mac.

I don’t think we have a comprehensive guide on the differences between the two. @BrianJ or @dan may know better than I.

Here’s a superficial list of macOS vs. Windows features:

Generally, the UI is a little different, but the macOS version is functionally mostly on par with the Windows version.

If you know the name of a command or even a keyword, you can begin typing it in, and the Rhino command line will show you the available ones. Many more advanced users don’t use the GUI much. Once you’ve memorised some stuff, you’ll use the command line probably all the time anyway.

I don’t think we have a comprehensive one, because it changes so often.

Unfortunately, the page that @diff-arch mentions - Rhino - Rhino for Mac vs Windows Feature Comparison - used to be better. This is my fault. When we switched over some website infrastructure, this page degraded in detail. I would call-out the link at the bottom of that page too @srahma17 - Rhino 7 for Windows commands not in Rhino 7 for Mac [McNeel Wiki] - which I do try to keep up-to-date. That said, both these resources are somewhat imperfect and it’s probably just best to ask about specific features as the story changes as we make changes.

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Hi @dan, Is there a vague ETA for worksessions on Mac?
I find it very hard to imagine how an Architectural practice can develop a serious project without that feature.

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Good question. The answer is “maybe.” Let me explain…

In Rhino 6 for Mac, we did a bunch of work “under the hood” to support Worksessions on Mac - namely cross-platform file-locking that is necessary to make sure that we can have both Rhino for Windows and Rhino for Mac not play “demolition derby” with the 3dm file used in the worksession. We were happy with our progress but we ran up against another barrier:

The Rhino for Mac layer manager was not sufficient. Since worksessions are managed via the Layer Manager, this proved a dead-end.

Fast-forward to today. @dale has been working on a new cross-platform Layer Manager that will run in Rhino for Windows and Rhino for Mac. As far as I can tell, this project is moving along at quite a nice clip…though it’s not currently on yet in the RhinoWIP, I don’t think I’m going out too far on a limb to say it might be soon.

If this new Layer Manager works well, I don’t see what the hold-up for Worksessions would be…but we’ll have to see how this new code works before we can commit to undertaking this work.

In the end, I’m hopeful for this one.


Yes that sounds definitely a critical point!

Thanks @dan for the quick response and the amazing insight into McNeel’s process. I’m sure I can talk for most users if I say that this is the kind of post we love. After all if we’re in the forum we love rhino no matter the occasional rants. And this makes us very excited for the future.
Any chance the WIP layer manager will also be addressing detail visibility improvements?

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That would not likely be something Dan could answer off the top of his head.

Sorry for shifting the subject of the topic here but:

Hell yes

That is the Youtrack defect number

So you’ll see that the ticket is “open”, and has lots of comments.
The Release target of 8.x means the developer has determined the work will be done for V8, but not necessarily for the initial release of 8.0.
Long before then, it will show up in the WIP.
The Serengeti category will be where it will be announced.

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