Mac V7 PrintDisplay with width >1mm causes crash

Are you attempting to report a crash bug?
If so, please provide the details needed to repeat the crash.
It would probably be best to start a new topic instead of piggy-backing it on to this thread.


Avoid setting a Print width in the Layers panel greater than 1mm with PrintDisplay turned on. It causes a crash.
The developer is working on it now.
This is only Mac. Windows V6 does not have this issue.

I had a crash when setting Curve Width in Display Mode > Objects > Curves to 5. Kept crashing RH at launch until I deleted the preferences. Setting it to 3 was fine. Could this be related? Not sure what the unit is, I guess points? 3pt = tiny bit over 1mm in Illustrator.

I would guess it’s the same problem. I tested the fix for this last last week. The fix should be in this week’s new WIP.

That said, I’m not aware of any place in Preferences > Display modes > Wireframe to turn on PrintDisplay.

@John_Brock RH was crashing on this Curve With setting in Display Modes.

Those look like default settings to me.
Setting the curve display width to 10 does crash the current WIP
It does Not crash the new WIP.

Setting the Print Width setting in the Layers panel to something larger than 1mm, then Printing, or turning on PrintDisplay does crash Rhino.
This is what was fixed and will be in this week’s V7 WIP.

Allright good to know, so two unrelated issues correct?