Mac user how to get Grasshopper for Macbook Pro


New User!..Need to know how I can purchase Grasshopper for my macbook Pro, 10.6.8. Thanx! jose halac

You can’t currently.
OSX 10.6.8 is no longer supported.
The System Requirements can be found here:

Grasshopper is not available for Mac Rhino yet.
If you get a supported computer, and buy a license, then you can also download and install the Mac Rhino Work-In-Progress (WIP), that includes an in-progress, incomplete version of Grasshopper called “ExplicitHistory”.

If you need real Grasshopper, you’ll need Windows Rhino.

how about a mac with 10 8 5?

what´s the price for the license?

I also have a windows 8 notebook…

thanx a lot,John.

The system requirements link has the details you need for OSX versions.
The Buy page has pricing details:

If you plan on using Grasshopper on the Mac:

  1. The command is called “ExplicitHistory”. Not all of Grasshopper is running on the Mac yet, so the command name is different.

  2. You need to run the WIP (work in process) version of Rhino for Mac. This is available to everyone who has a commercial Rhino for Mac license.

  3. You need OS X 10.10 as a minimum. ExplicitHistory does not work correctly on earlier versions of OS X.

great…what´s the better windows version then? I can use it on a pc.

thanx a lot!

7, 8.1, or 10 all work.

thanx again!

Is there any implementation within Grasshopper for SOUND? I mean conversion of visuals to MIDI or some sort of plan to do such a thing.

I know this is off topic but I´m looking into GH for artistic purposes, and not for architecture. I there´s any developer with such a plan, I would very much like to know about it.

Sorry for being off topic. If I need to create a new topic, please let me know…thanx!!

A better place to ask that is the forum on the Grasshopper site itself:

have you seen MAX?

-and VBAP

I am looking into the same thing - using Rhino for sound design, specifically 3D panning

Please let me know what you find out, ok ? :slight_smile:


I saw this today. Any OSC connects and sounds. Also controls video output. 3D too. Seems great. Site has videos and info. thanx!