Mac rhino v6 wip, bugs

(John Brock) #21

Here’s a simpler test file with By Layer print widths.
It was a test to see if Grouping had any effect and it doesn’t seem to.Line Width Group test.3dm (3.5 MB)

It prints correctly in Raster and Vector to PDF.

Nesting the layers didn’t cause a problem either.

(Andrew Haythornthwaite) #22

Hi, Thanks for your help and tests,

im not sure what else I can do this end, as It does not work on my computer running the V6 WIP, but works perfectly fine in V5…

regarding layers and print widths, Yes. only had one layer assigned with a print width. but I don’t see why that would make a difference to whether it works or not?

Also, I still have the issue with the deformed lines as originally shown.



(John Brock) #23

I’m surprised too.
The only thing I can guess is I’m using a newer build than you are.
I get new in-house build every day. I can have as much as a month’s worth of updates and changes that you don’t see for a while.

I did find and log a tangential bug I found as a result of this testing.
If you assign a printed line width to layer “default”, it does not stick.
If I set a different width to another layer later, then Default uses that different width even though it is set to something else.

Sometime next week (Wednesday or later), a new WIP should go out see if you can print the little boxes file both Raster and Vector to PDF and get line widths.


(Andrew Haythornthwaite) #24


ok, cool, look forward to that update, and trust that resolves some of those issues… The new version looks great, and can’t wait to use it full time, but for the moment need to stick to V5 for these reasons… so fingers crossed it works for me next week! : ]

I had not noticed the default layer not keeping its print widths, seems like a strange sort of bug.

When the new release is out I will try it out and post how I go with my lines.


(John Brock) #25

It is far too soon to be using the WIP for production work.
That warning should be very clear to everyone that touches it.

As the development process continues, and more people are willing to mess with it, the bugs will be found and fixed.

When the new builds come out, the specific fixes are listed in the discussion forum announcement.

(Pascal Golay) #26

Hi Philip -

Hmm - I’ll see if I can reproduce this (cannot so far) - the new way, however is to use Isolate/Unisolate rather than Invert/Hide (which ought to still work…)



Hi Pascal

That will probably be hard - it’s quite random, unfortunately…

Aah, you’re right. I forgot about that new command.