Mac render materials won't transport mac rhino (commercial license) render library. File saved to dropbox. File opens with model render materials in mac. File opens normally in rhino5 windows, but model render materials don’t seem to be available. Why not? Is there a method to transport the materials across the platforms?

On your system you have access to the bitmaps that are used in the materials. These are not embedded into the Rhino file by default and are therefore not available on another system:

You can force Rhino to include them in the file by going to Document Properties > Rendering > Support file embedding and checking the “Save support files in 3dm file” box.

Thank you for your reply.
Pardon my ignorance, but I can’t find the option in the mac render setting dialogue.:confused:

OK, a bit of digging shows that this is not yet implemented.

Try this: Export the file to Windows Rhino in .fbx format
They should be generated 2 files, one .fbx and one .jpg.
Opening with Rhino Mac .fbx the files, it will also be imported materials.