Mac RC Help File Inaccuacies

Since RC finally has the mac specific help file stuff I thought I’d take it for a test drive.

First: Finally a back button in help. That is immensely helpful as prior to this if you branched off from a link you’d have to start over to get back to where you were. Excellent! Little things like this make a huge impact on reducing the frustration factor when learning.

Under “mouse”

“Command-Tab” - Next Viewport Active

This one is incorrect and won’t work under OS X. Command Tab tells OS X to move to the next application, Shift Command Tab tells OS X to move to the previous application, and AFAIK, these are two of the few KB commands in OS X that cannot be disabled or reassigned.

Middle Mouse Button Behavior:

Most of the commands shown for middle mouse button (including the ones with modifiers (alt / shift / command etc) stop functioning if you’ve set the primary middle mouse button to anything BUT manipulate view in the mouse section of preferences. This is confusing and would lend one to think that it doesn’t work at all if for instance you have the primary function of middle mouse set to popup menu or a specific menu. It’s understandable the that the middle mouse button of itself would no longer have the default behavior but I think it would be more useful if the other variants with modifier keys still worked (zoom pan tilt lens length etc).

Command Shift Right mouse (still rotates view, does NOT change Lens length).

Command Alt Right Mouse does not rotate camera, but rather pans.

To be continued…

Nice. Thanks for your careful reading. @margaret, can you please take a look at these?

Would have gotten more done but had a slight problem with a transmission blowing up and Dallas flooding that sorta pre-occupied the last several days.

There’s quite a few others in there as well, those are just the ones I had time to note.

Thanks for this. These are a little hard to catch, so I appreciate your input. We’ll get these fixed.