Mac Raytrace Display Mode HUB not Working in Rhino 7


Just downloaded Rhino 7 for Mac and I started playing around with the Raytrace viewport. It may just be something I’m missing, but the viewport seems stuck on render mode and it is not showcasing the display hub or render passes. It also looks like it’s stuck in the render viewport even tho I’m trying to use Raytrace. Thoughts?

I believe this is better in the 7.5 service release candidate. Please set your update frequency in Preferences > General to Service Release Candidate and update Rhino.

I did the checks and it still says Rhino 7.4 is currently the newest version available. No worries, I’ll be sure to give an update once I get Rhino 7.5 going.

Hi Tony - so - you set the update frequency to ‘Service release candidate’ and click ‘Check now’ and
it does not point you at the SR 5 candidate?


Yep, this is all that pops up at the moment:

Ok - thanks - that seems buggy as well then.
I cannot reproduce this problem - @Tony_Host I’ll send you a pm.


Update: The 7.5 version became available and Raytrace is working again. Thank you guys for the help!

Hi Tony - just making sure- did that update show up as expected from this dialog, or did you install the build I sent you?

Ok I see your note - thanks.


RH-63226 Rendering Cycles: Raytraced mode did not work on Mac

should be fixed in a 7.4 hotfix update. Please check for updates.

I’m having the same problem, update is up to date 7.7
when I abandon retrace mode, as no passes are shown and the no progress made after a minute, rhino stops responding and crashes.