Mac progress bar - shrinkwrap , quadremesh

Does the Mac Progress Bar for
really work ?

as far I experienced - Either i get a fast result, and the progress bar only looks like above screenshot for both commands.
or I use some values that make Rhino unresponsive or crash it (CPU-Usage going low, Memory staying high)

As for both commands I guess the values for Edge Length or Face Count are quadratic or cubic regarding calculation-Time / Memory / resulting Data
it would be really great to have some guides regarding calculation time - estimated Time remaining… or at least a roughly estimated percentage.

And maybe (I know I am asking much) a recommondation if the values are to high ?
"those values look ambious for your Hardware, Rhino might crash, minimum estimated calculation time …, do you really want to shrinkwrap / quadremesh … "

… ok I force Rhino to quit…

next attempt - after 30 min
does the progress bar give any info ?
this time rhino is still responsive… i canceled …