MAC PRO 2013 and rhino 5 bootcamp

I bought a mac pro 2013 d500 cards and I’m running rhino 5 under bootcamp. Rhino seems a little sluggish with this setup, any ideas? Has anyone else experienced this and have had luck tweaking the performance? Also, I’m running windows 8.1 because the latest release of bootcamp requires it.

What’s the graphics chip?
Win 8.1 is fine.

Hah. I’ve had this same problem with bootcamp 5, Windows 8, but on an older tower and a different program. Sluggish, not up to its hype. In the task manager, go to the processes section, right click Rhino, and set its priority to high or realtime. Make sure you resources are pointed at the front application rather than balanced, set the power in high performance, shut off everything you don’t need, especially all those stupid apps shown on the start page.

These haven’t helped a whole lot for me, but the program I was trying to run is not as well made as Rhino.

I also think it’s a bootcamp issue, but haven’t found any remedies there. At least not yet. I mean, especially your mac has power to burn, and windows 8 seems fine on a pc so it might be bootcamp.

I think there is a little confusion here.

The Bootcamp Assistant utility included with OS X is used to partition the drive and set it up of for dual booting.
Additionally, Apple aggregates Windows hardware drivers written by the hardware makers and puts them into a convenient downloadable package. Apple is not writing the drivers.
To blame Apple for performance issues while running under Windows is misguided.

The advantage to Apple products is only while running under OS X. When running under Windows, it’s just another pile of computer hardware with a keyboard that feels a little odd under Windows.

Hi John,

Mac pro 2013 six core 3.5 ghz AMD “firepro” d500 dual graphic card setup with 3g vram each running under bootcamp windows 8.1 thanks!!

As @kkani suggested, go into the Windows Control Panel, into Power options, and make sure your system is set for High Performance, not “Balanced” or “Power saving”. This will probably require a reboot.

Then check with AMD about getting updated graphics drivers downloaded and installed for those graphics cards:

Then in Rhino Options - View - OpenGL, make sure the top option for using accelerated hardware modes is checked.

Good luck

Are you suggesting the updated drivers for the mac or the pc side? Mine is godawful sluggish and it looks like in task manager that the program isn’t even taking advantage of all the resources.

I don’t agree that running Windows in Bootcamp is just the same as running Windows on a PC. There are definite limitations to running Windows in Bootcamp on a Mac. Not all of the hardware resources will be fully utilized and in some cases, won’t work at all. Drivers have been a big issue for me in the past, it’s not as easy as going to a website and downloading the latest Windows driver and expecting it to work within Bootcamp. If you try to update drivers to the latest PC Windows versions, just make sure you can go back to the state before you’ve updated them, it can really mess things up. I say this as someone who ran Rhino on a MacBook Pro for 2-3 years. There are limitations, I’ve run into several over the years.

If Apple has tweaked the drivers they get from the hardware manufactures, then you will need to wait for updates from Apple. If your MBP is like mine with an NVIDIA chip, Apple did not tweak it so the drivers directly from NVIDIA install and work fine. I don’t have to wait for Apple to update them.
This is just one of the drawbacks of running on laptops in general or running on Apple computers running Windows on a Bootcamp partition.

Thanks everyone for the help. I tweaked some settings in both windows and rhino and it seems to be running better. Generally, I’ve had a decent experience running windows / rhino under bootcamp, and the new mac pros do offer a decent bang for the buck that’s why I went that route instead of the more expensive BOXX which is also a great system. I’m just curious if the d500 mac pro cards have native windows drivers or not?

It can’t be the same. It doesn’t feel the same. My computer chomps through all sorts of things on the Mac side, gags on the PC side and I don’t know why. I did get new a driver from amd (If you put your first value as Mac Graphics you can find upgraded bootcamp drivers) It didn’t help. Also, I’m on a tower, not a laptop.

Sorry to be a downer, and no guarantees…but you most likely have a software problem of some kind on your bootcamp partition (I know…no kidding). If you are able to do so, instead of continuing to pull out your hair trying to fix, one option to try is to ensure your MacOS is fully up to date, delete the bootcamp partition, and redo bootcamp. Print out the bootcamp instructions and follow them like your life depends on it. If that fails at least you may have some confidence that this issue could be beyond your control. And if so, look for a future Apple Bootcamp update and try the exercise again after that drops.

Going outside Apple’s bootcamp install/drivers can be hit or miss. Apple should be providing all you need in their driver set. There is always a chance the new Pros are not fully baked yet for bootcamp, though I have not installed bootcamp on my 2013 Pro and do not know if such is valid. You can try searching 2013 Pro bootcamp forums, and if you find a repeated theme around graphics performance, then perhaps yes. If nothing much it is probably your install.

Thanks. I’ve already done that and come to that conclusion. Fortunately bootcamp and windows are on their own drive. I at least did one smart thing.
And I’m on an older Mac Pro. Hope to afford the new one some day.

Oh, sorry, I mixed you up with the MP 2013 user. I do have BC on a MP 2008. Runs like a champ. It is Windows 7 64-bit. One thing I’ve concluded re Boocamp over the years…if it ain’t broke don’t fix it, meaning…if you get it working well watch out for updates other the necessary security updates. I only got burnt once - almost literally - when Windows Update pushed an Nvidia driver update that was a “security update”. That update, which replaced the Apple provided driver unbeknownst to me, literally fried my graphics card in the first 30 minutes of use after the update. Since, I’ve instituted a firm policy with BC - don’t update automatically. Instead, actually “LOOK” at the “critical” updates before installation.

As apple will tell users, Bootcamp is most definitely for the competent and brave techie, otherwise, buy a “real” PC. Or run MacRhino most of the time and boot into BC only when you need to run a plugin, which is practical, I suppose, if one only needs to do so a minority of the time. Hopefully MacRhino will have most all the plugins one day.