Mac GH Hidden Submenu Tabs

I’m experiencing the ‘Mac-GH Hidden Submenu Tabs’ syndrome. I’ve rebooted RhinoWIP/GH several times without success coaxing them out from behind the canvas. Can just see the tops of the submenus. Anyone else? :cry:

Hidden Submenu

moving that line with the mouse does not work?


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No, can’t drag that line w. the mouse. And there are no black menu tabs like the ones showing in your gif.

hi Carl i am not sure what the problem is but i have the feeling there was once a general issue i am not sure anymore, maybe you have to consider reinstalling your wip, do you have the latest version? which system are you using?

I’m using RhinoWIP 5.4 in system 10.11.6. I’ll try reinstalling RhinoWIP, if that doesn’t work will update system.

Hi Carl-

I’m not able to reproduce this one on my machine. Let us know what happens when you update your system.