Mac exporting from Rhino 7 to legacy versions not working

Is anyone else not able to export from the Mac osx version of rhino 7 to legacy versions? I am running it ok Big Sur latest version (11.0.1).

Hi - that seems to work fine here.
Are you also running into this when you start a new file from a factory-default template, make a box, select that and run Export? Are you getting any error message?

It seems to be on files that were originally Rhino v6 and on which I have set up layouts… still exploring it but the dialogue box on the export page that gives export options is missing on these.

Thanks. If you can narrow it down or post an example, please let us know.

Hi Wim, Not sure I can narrow it down - see attached screen shot of the window that I get when exporting. If you compare it to the normal window there are missing options at the centre bottom of window. At other times I get the options for “save small” or “save plugin data” etc but not the drop down selection for which version I can save it as.

Hi - if you are still seeing this, could you post a file that triggers that behavior on your end?

Hi Wim,
It seems to be working again on all files. Not sure what might have caused it - they were not very large files (approx 35mb). Anyway working again so thanks for following up on this.

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