Mac C# Script component line numbers gone missing


In the Mac version of the C# scripting component, the line numbers have gone missing from time to time. Also, it will be great if the line number mismatching issue in the C# scripting component on Mac will be resolved in the next update! Thanks,


Hi all,

I have reported the bug concerning the occasional line number missing on the C# scripting component as above. Please let me know if McNeel is aware of the issue.



Hi Woojae -

All developing work related to code editors is now being done on the RhinoCode editor that is available in the Rhino 8 WIP.

Hi Wim,

Thanks for the reply. This has happened recently, around November last year, and it never happened before. I understand you want to focus on the RhinoCode, but in the meantime do you think you can still fix this issue? I am using the C# component on a daily basis, and it is very annoying to see it come and go in a random fashion… I don’t know how difficult it is, but I am asking for a quick fix, maybe reverting to the previous version if there haven’t been any significant changes to the editor which I believe so. I can wait and live with the wrong line number reporting issue etc. until the RhinoCode, but this one seriously is breaking my nerve.


Hey @woojsung,

I can reproduce the same issue, and reported it as RH-67208.

Maybe @Alain has some idea of why it’s doing that, he has more experience with the editor we are using on Mac.

Looks like this issue started with macOS Monterey: Scintilla / Bugs / #2292 Margin does not redraw when scrolling slowly upwards on macOS 12 Monterey

Thank you Curtis. As far as I remember, it first appeared last November, which is about the same time with Monterey. Thank you. W