MAC Beta Auto Update?

Im an Industrial Design student at the University of Louisiana Lafayette, and Ive been using the MAC beta for about a year now. Its always automatically asked me to update the software on roughly a weekly schedule. I didn’t really use it all summer while on break, and then i just realized recently that i haven’t been promoted to update in a long time, so i checked my version, and the last update was back in July! So I’m wondering if this is a glitch? i just went and manually downloaded the current version of Rhino MAC Beta (OS X Yosemite).

We’ve made a lot of changed since then. My guess is you skipped over a critical update so something got out of sync. Just download a current copy, install it choosing the “replace” option and you should be all set again.

yea ok, thats what i did, but i don’t understand how i could “skip” an update, when i am normally prompted/forced to download and install them. Normally i would be locked out of rhino unless i agreed to install the newest update, and my fellow students said the same thing, that unless they updated, they weren’t even allowed to use rhino period, so it is impossible to skip an update with that, it just simply stopped prompting them to get the newest version. another student showed me his version and it was from august, something must have dropped off around that time period…Also, I’ve never had to enter a new license key, so thats new…

Yes, during a certain period the auto update system stopped working… Had the same thing happen. --Mitch