MAC Best plug-in

Can someone indicate me what are the best plug-in for the mac version.


What do you need the plugin to do?

we work with grasshopper and archicad for architecture and we are doing some prototype for 3d printing.

We are beginner with the rhino

You might find it helpful to evaluate some of the work I’ve been doing in this area.
You can find the download for ggRhinoIFC for mac on this page:

There is a command ggIfc3dPrint that can help with scaling down of architectural/structural AEC models for 3d printing. It will convert an IFC file into a modified version and alter aspects such as wall thickness for hollow members, inflate thickness of slabs etc so that it will work better at scale. You can then import the resulting ifc file into Rhino and scale there without manually applying lots of changes.

The work is done on demand, so if you have suggestions for other automated tasks to fix, please let me know.



Thx Jonm i will try it.