MAC 6.0 Beta Raytrace

What is the setting that gets bitmapped textures to show up in raytraced mode? See the attached images. No textures is cycles and textured is Rendered mode.

Hi @sdjames, can you please export one object that is supposed to have a material with texture on, then upload it here? I’d like to investigate, since this is something that should just work.

Here are the files. Thanks for looking into this. I don’t believe this has worked for me over the course of the entire Mac 6 WIP. I am running this on a 10 core iMac Pro with oodles of ram and the Vega 64 graphics card. By the way, I love where you are taking the software!

Wood.3dm (7.3 MB)

@sdjames, thank you for your test model and texture files. Opening the file on my MBP gives me

Could you please try setting Cycles to use the CPU? You can do so in Preferences > Cycles.

You need to toggle any active Raytraced VP, this render device setting doesn’t apply automatically to already running sessions.

So strange - No changes. I did get the file to crash twice while switching to Raytraced with a single viewport and also while raytracing two viewports in a 4 VP layout. I am running Rhino Beta in High Sierra. Should I be running it in Mojave?

I have done a few more rendering tests on a different model and I get the same results.

In the process I learned that the sun or skylight settings do not effect the lighting on Raytraced previews.Is this to be expected? Can you light a scene only with placed lights?

In addition to this, I noticed strange shadow behavior in the render previews. The shadows do not appear to multiply on the textured objects. The result is flat shadows whether the sun or skylight is selected or not. Should this be expected? It appears to look as expected in the full rendered view.

What do you consider to be a Raytraced preview?

In the screenshots you show one setting with sun and skylight enabled, one with both disabled. If you haven’t added any scene lights yourself you’ll get a default, camera-based lighting. I think that in this case you simple had the sun oriented such that it is pretty much the same orientation as the default lighting. Since you don’t have a custom environment for the syklight you get the gray solid color that is set to your scene as background.

Sun and skylight very much do affect the scene.

I think it is wise to update to that, since the Vega driver will be improved over the High Sierra one. But @dan will be in a better position to tell whether it is a preferred move or not.

Anyway, here a very short video of the effects of Sun, Skylight (and some environments), Default Lighting, PointLight. I gave the groundplane an actual material, because that gives better lighting control IMO.

From our perspective, being on the latest macOS version is the preferred option in most cases.

I updated to Mojave, reinstalled the beta and still - no textures in Raytraced view.

Any additional guidance you might provide would be appreciated.

@sdjames, can you please make sure your Raytraced settings are all on their defaults before switching the view to Raytraced? Under Preferences > Display Modes > Raytraced, click the reset button

I will do this tonight when I get back to my Mac.

Thank you for the clarification and the video. I will study this.

This worked! Thanks much!

Cool! Enjoy working with Rhino ! :slight_smile: