M1 Mac Mini, Mac Studio - Universal Binary - Peformance?

Does Rhino take advantage of multicore CPUs? And if so, only on x86 or also on ARM, meaning the Apple M1?

Not for display, but some operations use multiple cores on any of the CPUs Rhino runs on.

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Can you give an example of a command that’s multithreaded?

Contour in Rhino 8

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This is very unscientific, but here’s a quick multithreading test:

All 20 cores seem to fire up nicely.

Unfortunately Rhino crashes right after. I guess the thousands of generated curves were too much to handle.

Regarding the scaling issue on macOS with certain external monitors, I’ve talked to my brother, who also has a MacStudio Max now.
Up until recently, he was plagued by the scaling under macOS, which consumed much of his older Mac’s GPU power, however now with the MacStudio and Monterey, he so far hasn’t experienced any issues with this. He has a 4K LG display.

I’ve done some more render tests in Blender to see if there’s a noticeable difference between Cycles CPU and GPU, and there is:

Cycles CPU - 300 Samples - 3 Minutes 48 Seconds

Cycles GPU - 300 Samples - 1 Minute 13 Seconds

Cycles CPU - 800 Samples - 10 Minutes 18 Seconds

Cycles GPU - 800 Samples - 3 Minutes 17 Seconds

well i am thinking that the shear performance gained on those new devices just drags this issue along so that it is less/not noticeable anymore while in fact you are losing on performance and are blasting out more energy. i had to return the most perfect 4k monitor in all regards (huawei mate view 28) trying to switch back to 2560 x 1440 for a 27" now… i am still considering to switch to windows, microsoft is working on releasing a new system called voltera with arm based computers very mac like

As stated above, it doesn’t seem to be an issue any more. He monitors his CPU and GPU usage and hasn’t noticed anything. It could be that it simply was improved a lot on Monterrey and Apple Silicon.

hmm, at which resolution is he running it?

2560 x 1440

which exact model has he got?

LG 27UN880-B 27" UltraFine (4K UHD)

i have been thinking about that topic quite a while and also researching a bit more, i also found a dedicated wikipedia entry → Resolution Independence which i have strangely missed at first which was updated just very recently and there is zero indication whatsoever that anything has changed in favour of the scaling issue on Mac OS. without trying to diminish any ability to perceive, it seems most likely that your brother is indeed just blasting out more energy/performance while not noticing it due to the shear performance strength as mentioned. which computer did he have before? i assume with the same monitor?

He monitored his CPU, GPU, memory usage and energy consumption for a few days and noticed nothing out of the ordinary. If I remember right, he told me that his Studio Max uses an average of 11 to 15 W of energy. My Ultra consumes about the same, maybe a little bit more, without having to scale.

2017 or 2018 MacBook Pro.

Yes, but the monitor is newer. It was acquired later.

I am reaching the time where I need to get a replacement Mac. I currently have 32GB and a Radeon Pro with 4GB.

The SHADED display mode is the limit of most of my rendering needs. However, I tend to have large models.

There are not a lot of options on the new Macbooks, once you settle on a screen size. If I got to 16-inch, my choices are disk and memory (which in turn affects the processor choice0.

With this unified memory concept, do I need to go to 64MB to get the equivalent of the 32+4GB?

what i took away from all that is the more cores you aim for the more ram you should get to accommodate these with. which is i assume the reason for the mac studio ultra to start at 64 gb. its hard to say how your old system would compare to the new m1 m2 concepts though. are you using wip 8 with metal already?

I’m still on Intel and V7.

i have stumbled over this video some time ago, talks about how scaling does not matter to performance and that even the energy levels stay seemingly unchanged.

i still think that it’s unnecessary and would hope for more native solutions, noticeable or not the computer has to compute it.

i still did not buy a new computer but i got settled into a 4k with awkward resolution which i want to keep i will see soon i hope.

FYI: Rhino 8 Feature: Metal Based Display on Mac

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