M&E Systems


I am currently exploring the capabilities of grasshopper in generating electrical or plumbing systems in my architectural model. While i dont have a specific problem, i am just exploring ways that people have done it before as i have yet to find much resources online.

Sorry for this vague question as its not common to use grasshopper where i am and it becomes difficult to ask or discuss questions. I do know its difficult to reply a generic question but any resource regarding this would be really helpful.


You can absolutely do plumming and electrical systems.

Having physical objects to attach them to, you can use Contour components (in different orientations) to get curves ( “paths”) along walls etc, and then use offset to get the paths a set distance off from the walls, and so on.

There are a zillion ways to go about with this. If you can do it manually, you can do it in Grashopper.

The additional benefit with Grassshopper compared to manual work is that you can store “action patterns” as resusable Clusters, or Script them as reusable Components, and by adding tools like this to you tool box over time, you increase your efficiency.

I also think there’s an existing tool for Piping for Grasshopper (at least there has been one).

// Rolf

hi, thanks for your reply. i will surely give it a try. by and chance do you have an example of the piping tool? i cant seem to find it in the software.

thanks so much for your help


There’s a free version, and a Pro+.

// Rolf

oh wow thanks so much! i will check it out