LutraCAD: Ortotics and insole design in Rhino

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LutraCAD offers specifically developed software for designing insoles/orthotics.

LutraCAD was established by bundling specialized knowledge, technology, and skills. This software is a wonderful tool for foot specialists. Designed with the user experience in mind, the software includes:

  • Manager that bundles client information, notes, and files
  • 2D-package for designing insoles/orthotics with CAD software
  • 3D-package as expansion with 3D scan technique

User friendly

Everyone can work with LutraCAD! With the simple steps an insole/orthotic can be designed quickly and easily. LutraCAD offers three different user levels. Different user levels contain different functions. You can choose the user level that best serves you.

Personal library

LutraCAD features an extensive library, containing various insole/orthotic patterns and elements. Easily add personal elements, patterns and even complete insoles/orthotics of your own. This makes the design process faster and more efficient.

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Posted Dec 01, 2016 by Cécile Lamborot on Rhino News, etc.