Lunchbox Update for Shapediver (Machine Learning Features)

Hey there,

I am using the non-linear regression function of lunchbox within my grasshopper model and was not able to upload it to shapediver. As far as I found out the machine learning was not part of the 2016.3.21.0 version of Lunchbox and therefore is not supported by Shapediver yet. I was wondering if there are any plans to update the compatibility of Lunchbox to the current version (2020.11.2)?

Or are there any workarounds so that I could still upload my current model with the non-linear regression to Shapediver - for example replicating the regression with another plug-in?

Thank you!
Felix Yves Bartsch

We released updates for a bunch of plugins last week including Lunchbox 2020.11.2.0. You can update your local plugins with the plugins package available on the Documentation page below.

Hello Pavol,

thanks for your reply!

Unfortunately, I am still getting the same error: “…Library LunchBoxML 2020.10.13.0 may not be used yet…”. Although I have updated the Lunchbox plugin to version 2020.11.2.0 and also deinstalled/installed it several times I am still getting the same error.

The only feature I am using from Lunchbox is the non-linear regression (which I did not find on the list of dissallowed components). The upload works when I remove the non-linear regression so that’s definatley causing the problem.

Any Idea how this could be solved?

Edit: I am using Rhino 7, if this is relevant.

Felix Yves Bartsch

LunchBox machine learning components (LunchBoxML library) are not supported on ShapeDiver due to the platform limitations as the machine learning models wouldn’t persist across multiple computations. I’m afraid there is no alternative for non-linear regression at this point but if you find this feature important for your work submit a feature request below:

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