LunchBox panels

Hello everyone.
I am new to grasshopper and would like some advice.
How to adjust the line thickness of diamond panels?
why using fatten curves are extruded in both directions??

Hi -

You can use the Fatten component, just like you did.

I’m not sure what you mean by that - isn’t that the purpose?

Hi , Wim.
Are there other functions to adjust the thickness?

I only need to extrude one side. On the other hand, it repeated the geometry of the surface.

Hi -

Not for that component, no.

In that case, you’ll either have to create the mesh yourself some way or explode the Fatten mesh and delete the faces that you don’t need.


I don’t now off the top of my head how to clip half of the extrusion off.

But it’s pretty easy, if you’re going to be working with a planar surface like what you’ve shown, to control the extrusion in two directions: just use Scale NU to restrict how tall the extrusion can get.