LunchBox not load

Why LunchBox not load into Rhino inside Revit.

Seems to load fine here.

Dou you see any error message?

I have it installed at %APPDATA%\Roaming\Grasshopper\Libraries\LunchBox is it there on your computer?

Hello @kike

yes, LunchBox is that path and folder.

not any error.

into Load Plug-in not added.

What happens if you drag LunchBox.gha from explorer and drop it on Grasshopper?

Nothing happened.

The lunchbox is into grasshopper for Rhino but nothing into Rhino inside Revit.

Please try one more thing.

Load Revit and press CTRL+SHIFT while clicking into the Rhino icon at the Add-Ins tab. This should show this dialog.

Select the first one, this will launch a new instance of Revit but this time loading only Rhino.Inside. Does it load this way?

If is the case, LunchBox is conflicting with an other Revit AddIn.
In that case please follow this guide to determine the conflicting AddIn.


Thanks @kike

it,s worked.

In case you follow the guide above, and you don’t mind to share which addin is conflicting we will try to reproduce it here or-and contact them and see what is happening.

Thanks in advance.

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