LunchB_Quad Grid output

Hello masters and beginners in GH.

Iam part of the second category, and I am trying to build a Grid on a surface using Quad Grid from Lunch box.
Then I want to apply any shape (in the example and hexagone) and then control the size with an attractor.

Here are my problems :
1 : I don’t know how to work from the point created by the Quad Grid w/o selecting the same points 2 or 3 times.
2 : I’ve been trying to to define the size of my geometry applyed on the grid based on the distance to the attractor. But when measuring the distance I got an error message and I don’t know what iam doing wrong.

Thanks for your help!


Thanks for your help on this! (7.5 KB)

First of all, for me, it‘s a bit unclear.
Which shape you want to apply? A flat surface? A „3D“ brep?
A surface/box morph is what you are looking for.

You want to apply a hexagon or you want to use lunchbox hexagon panel? If latest, box morph won’t work.

Measuring distance is not working, because you try to get the distance from a curve and a point. You need to points. So use area component to get the center of your polygon and measure the distances between attractor and Center

Have a look at the attached file. But as I said, don’t know what you exactly want. May make a drawing or something, it will be easier to help you. (13.9 KB)

Thanks TIM for sharing your file and those info.

No I don’t want to stick to hexagone. I want to be able to apply any 2D shape along a grid following a surface.

Form what you said and and sent I gueqss my problem are at the moment solved :grinning:
1 You used a “merged” function using all outpuf of Qgrid, to avoid repeating similar data. Correct?
2 I should have seen this one my self. So I used now a “Polyline center” to get first the center point of the hexagone to measure the distance to the attaracor. I could also use the “Merge” data from above point 1. Correct?

Thanks alot for taking time for me, I appreciate.


  1. No, I removed the duplicated ones, with the “removeduplicateps” component after.
  2. Your center Points from polyline center are the same as the Points you used to place your Hexagons. So you can’t use the merge, because there are duplicated points. Use the component mentioned in 1.

Thanks , all clear now!