Lunch Box - Not being able to apply triangles to this Revolve shape

Hi guys, I hope you are having a great day.
Still a newbie here at grasshopper.
I have this curve I did in Rhino and then I made grasshopper do the revolve before aplying triangles on it- however it’s giving me this error.
Could you let me know what am I doing wrong, because if I separate the curve some of them work and others don’t.

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Azulejos Triangulos (7.4 KB)

you forgot to internalize your curve.
Right click on component

With one curve it works here !!

Thank you for you comment , however with my curve still isnt working.

Azulejos Triangulos (8.3 KB)

How could I make a colour map of the different elements with the different sizes (triangles only) ?
thank you :slight_smile:

Azulejos Triangulos (14.0 KB)