Lumion 9 LiveSync for Rhino

Just thought I’d share this with everyone as I just saw that LiveSync for Rhino is now available for Lumion. I’ve NEVER used Lumion before so I have no clue if it’s good or bad, although the website and features do look very nice. Looks like it has more features and better quality than Enscape, but without trying it, I’m not sure.

Announcement for LiveSync:

Lumion Site:

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Thank you for posting. Very interesting. Looks like a kind of exporter plugin. The question will be, how details are solved like using of lights, setup of textures and mapping, creation fly throughs.

Looks really helpful cause there is any option to select materials individually if materials were not prepared in rhino and that is so annoying to going back to rhino and finding the problems. I tried to install this plugin but i got an error message which is saying “This Package is not compatible with the Rhino Installer Engine” but as mentioned on the website i have Rhino 6. Idk what is the problem and couldnt find any solutions as it is pretty new.

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Did you find a solution to this issue?