LowPoly / Sharp edges / Facet effect on existing models

I’m looking to create a faceted effect on some existing CAD models for 3D printing.

Creating a triangular mesh and reducing the polycount has produced a decent result, but I am looking to to create a crisp / sharp edge between each of the facets, as at present these are smoothly blended

Any ideas on how to generate a crisper / sharper edged result ?

Outside of this, any other ideas how I might achieve an effect on a surface level, that is more controllable / editable ?


i believe the command FlatShade is what you are looking for. if you have produced a low poly model already it should be sharp. Rhino has a mesh shader enabled by default which makes geometry look smoother. am not sure how it will affect textures though, but in shaded mode that will reveal your actual geometry.

Yes that great thanks ! Can you tell me how to turn the flatshade off now though !

Hi - just run the command once again. It’s a toggle.

great thanks