Low-poly model with flat base [beginner skills]

To begin with…I’m just started to learn Grasshopper so my skills are very basic.
I’m trying to make a low-poly model of a butterfly wing. Finaly the model must be 3d printed. The problem I ran into is…how to give the model some thickness and a flat base?

Does what I already did make any sense?

You can create an offset mesh with Pufferfish pluggin.

Thank you for your help! Now I have some thickness but the bottom of the model should be flat. One of the points on the edge is not planar with the other points. How to get a flat bottom?

If you want to connect a 3d mesh with a flat base, you can project it, add vertical mesh quads between each corresponding pair of outer edges of the 3d mesh and the projected one, then join it all up:
flatbottom.gh (9.5 KB)

Many Thanks… this is what i need for now. I’ve a long way to go to learn GH :slight_smile: