Lost Show Edges Pallet

I have lost the Show Edges Pallet where I can change the colours of the highlighted edge. I dont want to reset my display as I have a layout that I want to keep. I can turn on and off the show edges tool but I cant change the colour any more. Can anyone enlighten me.Thanks.

Odd… You mean the “Edge color” section has completely disappeared from the dialog? Have you noticed any other graphic anomalies? Tried a restart? --Mitch

I can only turn on or off the edge analysis tool by right or left clicking the edge tool icon. The pallet (your picture) is not visible at all. The computer has been on and off at least five times since this started to happen. I have had no problems with this tool in the past couple of years of using Rhino 5.

hi Shane - please try testResetWindowPositions. Any luck?


hi Pascal, It worked, but I lost my tool layout in the process. I guess I should save a template of my tool layout.
Thanks for the help.