Lost render and material bar

Here is an image of what diapered. It shows in older drawings but not my latest. Thank you in advance for your help.

Hello - toolbars do not care what document is open - you can show and hide toolbars by right clicking on an existing toolbar tab or ‘blank’ area.


Brazil is no longer in my toolbar drop down where it is its all the way down, not now.

what do you have chosen in render>current renderer?

you can reload your tools bars by going to tools>toolbarlayout and then file>open the brazil toolbar again.

Thank you will see if it works and get back to you. Danny

I have attached two images showing my tool bar drop down in an older and new drawing. As you can see no Brazil for Rhino in the new one. Thank you

I used repair on my computer and all is well. Thank you for your time. Danny