Lost Pull-down/start-up menu

I’ve lost my Pull-down menu or start menu, within Rhino 5 (64bit) window 7 platform. Does anyone know how to get it back without re-installing the program?

Start Rhino and type the “Options” command name.
Select the Appearance options page.
In the ‘Show the following items’ section, check “Menu”.

We see this once in a blue moon. We think Windows has a brain-fart during the install and screws up some of the settings that are stored in the Registry.

You can even just type Menu, and Enter, to toggle this…


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Hi pascal,
Where can I access those ‘hidden’ command info?

You know, I am not even sure that is a real command- it may be a ‘built in alias’ that is just… there. ‘StatusBar’ is another. Notice these do not auto-complete. I do not know if anyone keeps track of these… I’ll ask.


Right. I think those are built in aliases.
I gave you the ‘long’ version so you can see where all of the typical controls are located.