Lost Path To Materials/Render Content

Using latest WIP here, I seem to have lost the file path to the materials/render library, when I click the + icon in the materials window it opens up a folder on my MBP which I had used previously to access an image to make a custom material, any ideas ? tia

Hi @milezee you should be able to get to the material library with that + symbol in the Materials panel as you mentioned… this is the spot just to be sure.

I tried loading an rmtl from another folder but this spot auto resets here to the Render Content folder. If it isn’t for you, can you try a restart of your Mac? Here’s the folder location as well in your user library.

/Users/[Your Name]/Library/Application Support/McNeel/Rhinoceros/7.0/Render Content

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@BrianJ yeh it got lost somehow, a quick restart seemed to restore 🤷🤷

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