Lost font in rhino 7

I lost the SLF-architect font.

I had a trial of Rhino-wip installed and it expired, so I removed it from the computer.

Now I have lost the SLF-Architect font, which is really important for me, as it runs better with my plotter.

The text in the command says the following:
MeliarComR6 loaded

Read 1 annotation style that references 1 font that is not installed on this device.
Annotation style referencing a missing font:
Engrave / SLF-RHN Architect Regular
Missing font:
SLF-RHN Architect Regular
Command: -_New

Can anybody help me out?

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Hey André -

Have you tried repairing the Rhino 7 installation?

Do you mean removing the old and install again?

No. From the Windows Control Panel, go to the “Programs and Features” and find Rhino 7. Right click and pick “Change”:

Then pick “Repair”:


Hi Wim,

I am going to try that in an instant

Mmm, it says it needs a file named bootstrapper and cant find it.

Yess!! Got the SLF architect back. Thanks Wim!

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Had the same issue, after removing Rhino 8 WIP. So Rhino 7 lost the SLF-architect font. I don’t know why, but repairing the installation totally worked!

Thanks a lot!

I also lost SLF architect font after uninstalling Rhino 8 WIP as well as losing the preview in Windows File Explorer.
Repair fixed those problems.

Just reporting we had a customer lose the SLF font during uninstall of Rhino 7 and install of Rhino 8 SR7.

Easy enough to manually install from Rhino - Single-Line Fonts (rhino3d.com) but it threw us for a moment.