Lost command line and histories in Rhino 5.0 64-bit. Works fine in 32-bit

I have recently lost the data for the command line and histories in Rhino 5.0 64-bit. The window is there but no text shows up in it… Everything works fine in Rhino 5.0 32-bit. Anyone had that problem before? I tried a re-install but the problem persists. Thanks.

Hi Dan- what happens if you hit f2 - is the command history in there?


Thanks for the heads up about the F2 key. I checked that and the history
and command line were in fact running in the the background but the
window wasn’t showing any output to the screen. I had earlier ran a disk
cleaner to optimize the hard drive and it must have removed more than it
should have. I uninstalled Rhino and went through the registry and
removed all references to the program that the uninstaller left behind.
After a fresh download from the site I reinstalled the software and
everything is working perfect. Thanks for the help.